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Bedford Biofuels

Edmonton Alberta Canada

Environmentally Responsible Canadian Biofuel Company.

Bedford Biofuels Renews Humanitarian Commitment at the Clinton Global Initiative 2011 Meeting in New York City - See more at:

July 18, 2014
NEW YORK, Sept. 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Bedford Biofuels is more committed than ever to its mission to be one of the largest biofuel players in the world, and to its humanitarian EMPOWER program - having attended the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting for the third consecutive year. The 2011 meeting last week focused on generating jobs for the 21st century, sustainable consumption for our planet, and "what works" for girls and women. "Our membership to the CGI is so important to Bedford Biofuels," said CEO and President David McClure. "The CGI keeps its members on task as far as setting and meeting humanitarian goals. On the biofuel front, Bedford's nursery in Kenya is flourishing and we are looking forward to the planting season this November. On the humanitarian front, we are committed to the people of the Tana Delta in Kenya." Bedford's EMPOWER (Every Member Prospers On World Energy Resources) program takes a portion of the company's overall budget to improve the lives of the people in close proximity to its biofuel operation in Kenya. EMPOWER will bring improved housing, education and healthcare, access to water and food security. Bedford Biofuels has entered into long-term lease contracts on 160,000 hectares of land in Kenya, where it grows biofuel feedstock Jatropha curcas. Jatropha is a drought resistant, oilseed bearing tropical tree. When pressed, Jatropha nuts produce 35%-40% oil, and lifecycle green house gas emissions from Jatropha jet fuel are up to 84% lower than traditional jet fuel emissions. On July 1 of this year, ASTM International, an American organization that sets worldwide technical standards for the airline and other industries, gave approval for carriers to mix kerosene with Bio SPK/Jet Fuel made from non-food plants like Jatropha, and organic waste for commercial aviation use. While Jatropha has been tested for use in aviation since 2008 by Air New Zealand, Continental, Boeing, Japan Airlines, Lufthansa and others, the ASTM approval is a milestone for Jatropha, as is the recent commitment from Aeromexico to use a Jatropha mix for weekly flights between Mexico and Costa Rica. On August 2, the airline successfully flew the world's first transatlantic flight using Biofuel with a 70:30 kerosene-Jatropha mix. "Jatropha continues to prove its place in the biofuel space," said David McClure. "The science is proven now, the certification is there and we are a month away from transplanting our nursery. That side of our business will facilitate EMPOWER and the project will benefit Kenya on both an environmental and a humanitarian level. We are proud to share our progress with the CGI and its members." The CGI reports 194 new member commitments in 2011 valued at $6.2 billion to positively impact more than 100 million people. - See more at: